Decorating Your Home Away from Home

It’s no small secret that I absolutely LOVE to decorate my home, wherever that might be. During my senior year of college, I studied abroad in Copenhagen and one of the first thing I did was buy a painting from a local artist and take the free IKEA shuttle to the nearest store to buy decorations for my flat. In my opinion, buildings are meant to be adorned. Below is a picture of the decorated bedroom in my Danish flat taken in 2004.

I like surrounding myself with beautiful objects – things that bring me joy and preferably have a story to tell. I absolutely adore antiques and exploring flea markets. Perhaps its the European influence or my grandmother’s love of auctions, but I love old, gilded objects. Hence where the name of this blog came from – A Gilded Globe.

Clearly, you can’t always buy objects to decorate your temporary home, but there are objects you can bring with you that can give you a sense of home, a sense of safety, a sense of the familiar when you are facing the unfamiliar.

But, before I give you tips on how to decorate your travel home, I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of my new temporary digs for the month of February.

A Video Tour of My Remote Year Apartment in Kuala Lumpur

Here is a video tour of my apartment in KL at the Maple Suite. One correction from the video is that each participant on Remote Year pays $2,000 a month, which includes apartment rent/cleaning once a week, shared workspace in a different part of the city (not the ‘office’ in our apartment), and programming by our Remote Year city hosts and program leaders.

Here’s also a snapshot of my Danish roomie, Michelle, and I by the pool at the apartment. The header image is a picture of the building exterior taken from the ‘Green Lung’ of KL – the Bukit Nanas Rainforest, a mere five minute walk from the apartment.

Decorating Your ‘Travel’ Home

Decorating a home, adorning it with objects that make you happy, is a way of bringing the things that you love into your everyday surroundings. They are a reminder of your best memories and inspire you to be you – the unique you. It’s a way of placing your stamp on the world.

Throughout my travels, I will endeavor to discover and share the local homes and handicrafts from the places I visit and reveal the stories of how they came to be. I would like to share why they are made in this region and what makes them special and how we might be able to enjoy these local goods in our own homes.

In the meantime, below are a few things I brought with me to help me feel at home.

Objects that Make My Home Away from Home

1. Staying Connected – Kindle, iPhone and JBL bluetooth speaker + Spotify account.

Listening to one of your favorite playlists can help bring you home during travels. After all, music is the language of our hearts.

2. Scents – Anthropologie Capri Blue Personal Travel Diffuser, Kai Perfume Oil, and Lollia hand lotion

The scents in a new location can be overwhelming. It’s nice to come home to an apartment or hotel that smells like home – in my case an Anthropologie candle. A tip I received from my mother from her Pan Am flying days is to dab a bit of perfume or scented oil under your nose, right above your lip, when traveling.

3. Familiar products – Travel hair dryer and straightening iron + my favorite Oribe hair products (Gold Lust Nourishing Oil, Anti-Humidity Spray, and Dry Texturizing Spray)

You can’t always rely on the place you are staying to have good products or products at all so leave the stress at home and pack a few products that will give you peace of mind.


4. Journal and coloring post cards to document your travels and serve as decorations.

I’ve jumped onto the coloring book trend and hung my first piece of art in my bedroom. I also can’t live without my journal these days. Even if you don’t write on a regular basis, try to write a few lines every day in a journal to capture the magic of experiencing something new in your temporary city.


5. Accessories and jewelry case

While these objects may not necessarily serve as decorations for your trip, just seeing them can provide a sense of familiarity and home. My friend, Alex, gave me a jewelry case to keep my jewelry in order. Just seeing that little red case makes me happy.

What objects do you bring with you that give you a sense of home when you are on the road?

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  1. Love this and seeing your home! More videos please! Miss you!

  2. Wow – really nice accommodations! When I travel in hotels, I like to use the glasses on the bathroom sink to store my make-up brushes and mascara vs laying them by the sink or back in the makeup bag. Just a little thing that keeps things clean and organized looking. 🙂

    1. agildedglobe says:

      That’s such a great one, Andrea! Thanks for the tip:)

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